About Us

OVTLYR is a demonstration that markets are people, and people are predictable.

By providing the most timely and accurate market behavioral data available, OVTLYR seeks to display the importance of the “human variable” on market movements while simultaneously helping each client mitigate risk and realize greater potential from their stock portfolios.

Initially a research project on volatility, OVTLYR’s early work focused on leveraging derived investor behavioral data alongside stock market & macroeconomic historical data to build an AI model capable of predicting drawdowns across sectors & indexes. This successful experiment eventually led to on-boarding the vast majority of the largest, most liquid US listed stocks with a total market cap visibility well above $40T.

In early 2021, OVTLYR was offered via pilot access to a community of several thousand investors. Pilot launch feedback and ongoing R&D helped to structure a full-fledged platform solution.

Today, OVTLYR is used by both active and passive investors to gain an edge in the stock market. The platform is built to provide institutional grade data & actionable insights affordably to everyday investors.

Our Team

Mark Gorzycki

Mark Gorzycki

(Co-Founder, Chief Strategist)

Mark has a strong background in mathematics and previously built cutting edge quantitative & qualitative algorithms within the Defense sector. He has a proven track record of building complex architectures that measure human behavior with disparate, convoluted datasets to solve real world problems.

Mark is responsible for building the core algorithm at OVTLYR that is able to identify times of excessive Investor fear & greed for stocks & ETFs while accurately predicting price trajectory.

Mahesh Kashyap

Mahesh Kashyap

(Co-Founder, CEO)

Mahesh is passionate about creating innovative solutions that leverage data and technology to empower people and organizations. He has a successful track record of building technology product & service companies prior to founding OVTLYR. As the CEO and Co-Founder of OVTLYR, he leads a team of experts in developing and delivering a cutting-edge platform that predicts stock market trends using artificial intelligence, investor behavior, and macroeconomic factors.

*Mark & Mahesh built a successful Fintech Company catering to hedge funds prior to starting OVTLYR

Christopher Uhl

Christopher Uhl, CMA

(Director of Marketing & Trader Relations)

Christopher Uhl, a dynamic force in the world of finance, stands as a distinguished personality with a trailblazing career in stock and option trading. Recognized as a two-time Top 100 Person in Finance and the Host of the Top 10 iTunes Investing Podcast, "The How To Trade Stocks And Options Podcast," Christopher has cultivated a massive following, reaching over 2 million downloads in more than 150 countries.

Christopher's journey to success wasn't without challenges; having faced setbacks, he embarked on a transformative path. Learning directly from World Famous Market Wizards and Billionaire Portfolio Managers, he distilled their teachings into the groundbreaking "10 Minutes To Freedom Trading Strategy." In its inaugural year, this strategy yielded an impressive return of 172.41% in 2021, its inaugural year of execution, solidifying Christopher's status as a trailblazer in the realm of trading.

Hailing from humble beginnings in rural Texas, Christopher's pursuit of knowledge led him to earn a BBA and MBA. Despite entering the corporate finance arena during the tumultuous economic landscape of 2008, he navigated the challenges, becoming a Certified Management Accountant all while honing his trading expertise over a decade-long career.

This visionary and award-winning personality continues to share his wisdom, aiming to make trading knowledge as accessible as entertainment. Christopher Uhl is not just a trader; he is a mentor, speaker, and innovator, dedicated to empowering traders of all levels with the tools and insights to trade faster

Ferdinand Mehlinger

Ferdinand Mehlinger

(Director of SEO & Public Relations)

Ferdinand Mehlinger, a key figure in digital marketing and public relations, brings a unique blend of technical brilliance and strategic communication skills to OVTLYR. His early contributions to the Backrub team, crucial in developing Google's search algorithm, showcase his deep understanding of search engine dynamics.

At OVTLYR, Ferdinand expertly applies this knowledge in crafting sophisticated SEO strategies that significantly boost online visibility and engagement. Simultaneously, he excels in public relations, adeptly managing the company's external communications and media relations. His ability to integrate SEO with a comprehensive public relations approach not only enhances OVTLYR's digital footprint but also fortifies its reputation in the financial technology arena, demonstrating his pivotal role in shaping the company's public image and outreach strategies.